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drake-rex's News

Posted by drake-rex - June 9th, 2020

First, no, I'm not leaving, but a lot of people are moving there now and even though I've only been there for a couple of days, it's so much better and comfortable than twitter TTwTT

The place is still on betta, but if you can, follow me there <3



Posted by drake-rex - April 29th, 2020

back into my regular working schedule and as such, May commissions are officially open


And here's information on what other accounts I have

-Deviantart https://www.deviantart.com/drake-rex

My main place, spent most of my time there, good place to contact me

-Furaffinity https://www.furaffinity.net/user/drake-rex/

Mostly furry stuff, nsfw stuff, not super active there. So follow me there if you're mostly interested in the art

-Inkbunny https://inkbunny.net/DrakeRex

Almost exclusively furry stuff, more present there. Follow me there if you want to be in touch, but be aware that I upload some loli content there

-Pixiv https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/4437047

Not the best place to chat, but the one where I have the most freedom. Follow me there if you want to see most of my work (Warning, even more lolis)

-Tumblr https://drake-rex.tumblr.com/

Believe it or not, I'm still there. Mostly reblogs, but I still upload my stuff there with links to my other pages, so it's a good place for updates and messages

-Twitter https://twitter.com/DrakerRex

Because I needed a place after the tumblr purge. Turn of retweets if you want to see my art. I do check it regularly

-Instagram https://www.instagram.com/drakes_workshop/

Completely empty as of now, but I think I'll change that soon. Follow me there if you want to see me figuring out how it works XD


I've never been much into blogs, but this is where I post most of my updates and stuff, send me a note and I'll link you to my server


Posted by drake-rex - April 16th, 2020

Feeling rather frustrated and depresed do to my inhabilitie to work consistently.

I'll probably go ofline for a few days. Sorry

Posted by drake-rex - March 28th, 2020


Posted by drake-rex - February 26th, 2020

Your monthly reminder that you can exchange money for products and services



Posted by drake-rex - February 21st, 2020

What type of subject matter would you be most interested


Posted by drake-rex - February 15th, 2020

For everyone that don't know, I've been without internet for an entire week, so that's why there were no pics last week.

The problem finally got solved yesterday, the signal is still kinda unstable, but it works .

I'll try to have some extra stuff for next week :D

Posted by drake-rex - February 14th, 2020

And I just found out, because I was without internet for a whole week

Still, kinda proud <3


Posted by drake-rex - January 26th, 2020

Changed my password, reported the scam to paypal and erased that mail


Posted by drake-rex - January 26th, 2020

Just received a mail from paypal saying I made a purchase for $134.90 USD for a service I don't use

I would dispute it immediately, but when I went to my paypal account there was no indication of the transaction and said Mail was straight into my spam folder. So it could be a scam.

If anyone know something please tell me