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drake-rex's News

Posted by drake-rex - 1 day ago

For everyone that don't know, I've been without internet for an entire week, so that's why there were no pics last week.

The problem finally got solved yesterday, the signal is still kinda unstable, but it works .

I'll try to have some extra stuff for next week :D

Posted by drake-rex - 2 days ago

And I just found out, because I was without internet for a whole week

Still, kinda proud <3


Posted by drake-rex - 3 weeks ago

Changed my password, reported the scam to paypal and erased that mail


Posted by drake-rex - 3 weeks ago

Just received a mail from paypal saying I made a purchase for $134.90 USD for a service I don't use

I would dispute it immediately, but when I went to my paypal account there was no indication of the transaction and said Mail was straight into my spam folder. So it could be a scam.

If anyone know something please tell me


Posted by drake-rex - January 11th, 2020

Emmm... Hi everyone ;w;


Posted by drake-rex - December 31st, 2019

I think this year I'm going to be a bit more organized with my goals

1. Organise my stuff: This is the stuff I'll dedicate myself the first couple of months. My room and my archives are a mess, mostly because I'm very much a hoarder and that really gets into the creative process.

So january/february a lot of cleaning

2. Commission sheet: Probably something I'll work on mid cleaning, but I'm going for an official price sheet, so that people know what I do and I can post every month or so

3. Comics: This is something I've been wanting to do regularly for a long time, I'll probably start with some small ones but my big goal is to start my own comic run, probably from some of my stories. 

I'll be time consuming and take a lot of energyso this would be for the second trimester stuff to start, no idea when the long project would be

4. Maintain my schedule. Uploads every tuesday thursday and saturday. Maybe everything can go here, but work will be done. This goal is for the whole year long

5. Finish all my wips: I still have sketches I've not finished for years now and before the year ends, I want to have a clean slate

Hope everyone has a great new year and a new decade, may this be the start of new and better things for all of us


Posted by drake-rex - December 24th, 2019

Due to state and federal regulations, I'm required to inform you all that:

We wish you a merry christmas

We wish you a merry christmas

We wish you a merry christmas

And a happy new year


Posted by drake-rex - November 30th, 2019

Sickness, stress and depression. One after the other and with no relation with one another.

Apologies to all, especially the ones that commissioned me, but I really can't work right now, even the stuff I want to draw, I can't even watch others work without feeling desperate right now.

I'll get better, I've been like this before, so I know I'll get better, but as of right now, don't really know what to do

Posted by drake-rex - November 10th, 2019

What program if any, do you use to add text to each page?

Not photoshop, it doesn't want to run on my PC


Posted by drake-rex - November 1st, 2019

At least for a week or so, there were many ideas I didn't had a chance to do yet.

And yes, Black Moon is going to continue no matter what!