Car Crash

2018-02-22 15:13:00 by drake-rex

As the title say, I was in a car crash today. Good news, I'm mostly unharmed. Bad news, they had to take my grandma to the hospital, but all in all, she does looks fine and has no signs of any serious injury.

Still, she'll stay the night to be in observation.

Overall I'm fine, with a big headache, but fine none the less ^^


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2018-02-22 16:27:41

that's not to good but i am glad you and your grandma are okay for the biggest part. i hope you two will feel better soon and feel like before the crash. I wish you two all the luck of the world right now and get better soon ^_^

drake-rex responds:

Thanks for your kind words, we may need some assistance for a couple days, but we'll be fine ^^


2018-02-22 16:53:48

Damn! May I ask how it happened?
Hope they checked your grandma for micro-fractures, internal bleeding, ruptured organs, all that :/
Older people are usually more frail.

I wish you both well, and good health onward!

drake-rex responds:

We were on a cab, after a day of shopping and we got crashed by a car on our way home

The did some tests, some x-rays and apparently she's fine, just bruised up. She's back home already and feels relatively well

Thanks, we're mostly tired, we need a few days ;w;